Print and bring this information to the dealership.
We have long-standing relationships with many lending institutions. Every Lender is different just like every borrowers situation is unique. We can help everyone and put you back on the road to good credit.
Bad things can happen to good people and everyone deserves a second change. We can help you get a car loan even if you have a low credit score. You deserve an opportunity to start off fresh and on the road to improving your credit score
Or stop in to our dealership to consult with a Car Loan Specialist who is knowledgeable in helping those with bad credit.
In order to help you quickly the following are the documents you will need to bring to the dealership:

•    Your last 2 Pay stubs*
•    Current Utility Bill, Phone Bill, or Cable Bill
•    Copy of your lease/contract if renting
•    Valid Driver's Licenses or ID Cards for all Applicants
•    Proof of Insurance*

*Proof of Income for ALL Applicants: (Bring all that apply- 2 Months Pay stubs, SSI Award letters, Disability Awards, L.E.S, Retirement Plans, W2's, Self Employed-1099's, 3 months most recent bank statements, and/or last 2 years tax returns)