Coronavirus Covid-19 FREE no contact door to door vehicle service
Service your car with Concierge Service!
FREE Pick-up & Delivery (Valet Service)
Maintenance & Services are still available - enjoy Free pick-up and delivery from home!
Zero face-to-face drop off is available!
Drop-off your car without coming into the dealership. You'll find the Key Drop-off slot and envelopes on the side of our service garage. Add your contact details, put your keys in the envelope and slide it through the Key Drop. One of our Service Consultants will call you to check the car in. We are still open and available for a regular drive in Service as well.
Same day appointments available! Our Denver Service Department is fully staff and ready to service your vehicle today. Call 877-619-5178 for an oil change, routine maintenance or auto repair!
Service Department Manager: Peter Racich
Please do not ask for these services if someone in your household is symptomatic. We are happy to service your vehicle in the future.
Express Service Appointment
Denver Express Service Appointment
Express Service Includes:
  • Oil and Filter change
  • Brake inspection
  • Tire rotation
  • Fluids inspected and replenished
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection
Advanced Maintenance Appointment
    •    Tire Concerns
    •    Battery Service
    •    Belts and Hoses
    •    Brakes
    •    Bulbs
    •    Check Engine Light
    •    Check Engine Oil
    •    Water Leak
    •    Noise Concerns
    •    Diagnostic Work
    •    Warranty Concerns
    •    Driveability Concerns

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