Top 6 Reasons your battery keeps dying
1. You left your headlights or interior lights on after turning off your car.
2. Corroded or loose battery connections.
3. Charging system problems.
4. Your battery is old or in poor condition.
5. Extreme temperatures summer to winter.
6. Your electrical panel is draining the system.

Chrysler Dodge Ram FIAT Denver Service Department,  serving Aurora, Centennial, Parker, Littleton and Castle Rock, wants to help you understand batteries and why they are critical to your car's electrical system.

On average batteries will last 3 to 5 years, but your driving habits and exposure to the cold of winter and the heat of summer can shorten the life of your battery. Dodge Ram Service offers free battery wellness checks without the need of making a service appointment. One quick test can give you an idea of how much time your battery has to go with failing.

Symptoms of a failing battery:
  1. Check Engine light sometimes appears when your battery power is weak.
  2. Slow engine crank when you start your car.
  3. Low battery fluid.
  4. The swelling of the battery case.
  5. Sulfur odor around the battery.
  6. If it's older than three years.
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